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Deuel School District 19-4

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Deuel School District is centered within the city of Clear Lake, encompassing the communities of Clear Lake, Gary, Goodwin, Brandt, Altamont, and Bemis.

The district features a lap-top initiative with students in grades 5-12 all having their own personal computer, one of the highest student/computer ratios in the country, Wireless computing throughout the campus, Smart Board Technology in every classroom, opportunities for advanced-placement and college credit classes, a four-day school week with opportunities for extra-help on Fridays or extended learning opportunities and many more innovative practices. Co-curricular opportunities range from almost any athletic pursuit to drama, oral interpretation, debate, band and chorus, an art program and a variety of clubs for special interests.

Students in the district come from farming, manufacturing and business backgrounds and we are committed to providing them with a quality education providing the foundation for success in whatever endeavor students choose to follow after graduation.

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